Save the Beatles!
The Rescued Albums: 1970-1982
The podcast allows you to listen to full sides of the various albums outlined in the book. Each episode introduces the side, then provides some context and a bit of commentary. Think of it as an extension of the "Discussion" section of each chapter in the book.

More episodes will be released periodically until all significant projects mentioned in the book have been covered.
Posted by Craig Erb on June 13, 2020
Being able to hear the entire tracks is much better than the the snippets.
Posted by Daniel Russell on January 22, 2023
Can we get a podcast for 1977, 1980, and 1982?
Posted by Rick Prescott on January 22, 2023
Yes! I have the music done, and just need to do the intros/outros. Coming soon.
Posted by Thomas Dennett on June 14, 2024
Really hoping the later podcasts will arrive and they've not been forgotten/left on the shelf. The ones I've heard were great.
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